A Google Chrome Extension which helps you maintain your privacy!

If you are one of those who have always been concerned about big players like Facebook collecting your personal browsing history, then using a Google Chrome extension can block all data flow when you visit any third-party sites which shares information with Facebook.

DW FBDisconnect1

It might be interesting for you to know that Facebook today collects usage preferences from over a million of third-party websites on the Internet. Installing Facebook Disconnect would let your  browsing history be private and safe.

DW FBDisconnect2

It’s an easy and one step process to install the Facebook Disconnect extension to your Google Chrome browser.  After installing this extension, you don’t have any preferences to set and it starts working automatically in the background by disabling all Facebook share buttons on third-party web pages. There is no shortcut key or button provided to disable the extension, so you are left only with the traditional method of going to Chrome Extensions Manager and disabling it from there.

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LINK: Chrome Extension Facebook Disconnect