Download Dropbox 1.0 RC: Use New “Selective Sync” feature

I have used Dropbox for over a year. It is something everyone at work uses to store, backup and most important share synced files. At the moment Dropbox 0.8 version was still a beta version.

Dropbox 1.0 RC (Release Candidate) version is now out there for use.

If you were using Dropbox 0.8 beta then the features wont be very new for you but there are a few bugs fixed.

New features with Dropbox 1.0 RC

  • If you were using Dropbox 0.8 beta version then the changes are not too many. In terms of features and additions it is pretty much the same. Except there are many minor bug fixes.
  • The new feature out here is the Selective Sync. This allows selecting only certain folders from being Synced. Just look up “Selective Sync” in your Dropbox preferences.

Dropbox - Selective Sync Screenshot

  • Another great way to share folders is through creating a link and sharing it with others. This can be done from the Dropbox folder itself.

Some Disappointment!

The big disappointment with Dropbox 1.0 RC is that it does not have the “Watch Any Folder” option. This option is mainly a way for Dropbox to sync even outside the “My/Dropbox” folder.

Most final versions are pretty much similar to Release Cadidate versions and that means we will probably not have this function with Dropbox 1.0 in the future either.

When the final version of Dropbox is released is should automatically update on your computers. If you want Dropbox 1.0 RC right now, download it from their forums.

Link: Dropbox 1.0 RC