Dropbox Links: Share Files and Folders with Non-Dropbox users

Dropbox has a great way for sharing files using links.With Dropbox Links it allows users to share files and folders of any size with practically anyone. The ones accessing the shared files will not even need a Dropbox account. Earlier this could be done, only if with files shared on a public folder. Dropbox has […]

Dropbox brings in Two factor authentication for better security

After recent reports of Dropbox users getting spammed and usernames/passwords getting stolen, they have finally introduced a couple of security features which includes the much needed Two-factor authentication. To enable it, go to security tab in your account page and look up for ‘Two-step verification’ (shown in the screenshot). Hit the ‘change’ link, and you’ll be guided through […]

Single Login to Connect and Manage Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive

There are many cloud storage options online like Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive and more. I use Dropbox to backup my photos from my mobile and digital camera, while I use Google Drive to manage important documents and files. Otixo is a great web app, that allows users to link up their cloud storage accounts from […]

Dropbox Introduces Streaming of Video Files on Android ICS

If you bought a Android phone recently there is a change that you received a 20 GB bonus storage space with Dropbox. Dropbox has been introducing a lot of great incentives for users on Android platform and continuing in that mode they have now introducedvideo streaming for Android 4 (ICS) users. Yesterday, Dropbox released an […]

Share Your Dropbox Folders with a Link

Dropbox today has introduced a new feature of allowing users to share folders with other with but sharing a link. This option has been made available on their website. Every folder on a Dropbox account now has the option of being shared with a URL. On the Desktop application similar option show up if you right click […]