Free GPS on your phone – Waze

People in India have a tough time overcoming traffic everyday, as they are hardly aware of alternative routes, intensity of traffic in a particular area, roadworks, etc. Waze is a free mobile application which has been in existence over a year now and a very few smart phone users in India are seen using it.

A general inclination is towards Google maps, mainly due to its popularity. Waze is a fairly new kid on the block and has an edge over other GPS maps, as it enables the drivers themselves to build live maps. It also gives them the power to inform people in the vicinity about real-time traffic updates, accidents, road blocks etc. The new routes created by the commuters, are added to the database of waze.

Thus, the more we drive with waze on our phones, more maps are created. If I was not eloquent enough, here’s a video explaining how waze works!

Waze can be downloaded to the following smart phones :

  • iPhone
  • Android Phones : HTC Dream G1, HTC Magic, Motorola Cliq, HTC Hero, HTC HD2
  • Nokia: E66, E75, N82, N85, N95, N96
  • Windows Mobile : HTC Touch Cruise, HTC touch HD

Check out to see whether your smart phone supports waze or not.

In India, Satguide (India’s GPS Pioneer since 2005) is providing a satguide-waze package completely free of cost for the growing Indian Community of smart phone users. Check out satguide-waze Here.

Try it out on your smart phones and leave feedback and comments.

Link: Waze


Suraj December 8, 2010

Thank you for sharing this post, I didn’t knew GPS was also provided for free!

Omkar Joglekar December 8, 2010

yea it is free! you should download it suraj if u hav a smartphone..thanks for the comment.. 🙂

Ameya-marketing December 8, 2010

your article contains some worthy information which i guess will help lot of people.

Omkar Joglekar December 8, 2010

thanks a ton…glad you liked it !

Ravi Rajvanshi December 9, 2010

Really … Helpful for me.

Santiago December 10, 2010

This gps app need a permanent internet conection 🙁 bad!!!

Ashish Mundhra December 10, 2010

What do you mean by free GPS .. Its always free !!!

Ravi Rajvanshi December 11, 2010

Nice applation… I don’t know about this aplication before.