Download Free Guides And Tutorials Using TheGuideDB

Internet is an ocean of knowledge. But getting the correct resources from this huge ocean is not an easy task. Newbie generally face problems in finding the correct resources for learning.

There is a nice search engine for such users known as TheGuideDB by which they can search for various nifty tutorials in few seconds. It is different from normal search engine because it searches only for PDF documents having content like tutorials and guides.


To use this database, type the keyword in the search box and hit the “Search” button, it will redirect you to the available resources.

I found some useful tutorials of WordPress and blogging using this search engine. The other advantage of using this site is it suggests some nice related resources in the sidebar.

Using this site is free of cost and it doesn’t require any registration process. There are total 47.700.000 guides present in the database which is obviously huge in amount. There is a link of top guide and recent guides present on the homepage that can make your search easier.

Check out all the tutorials we have on Devils’ Workshop. 🙂

Top guide contains guide on Apple Iphone, Game, chord, Panasonic, Tv, Dvd and many other objects.

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Mohan July 1, 2010

Great info! thanks for sharing 🙂 Even I was able to explore a whole new set of tutorials I was looking. Keep such information coming!

Himanshu July 1, 2010

Thanks Mohan, hope you’ll get the correct tutorial you are looking for. Don’t forget to use the valuable keyword while searching for the articles. You’ll definitely get the useful posts on this blog in the future too. Keep coming here. 🙂

Devilslab-Your Guide to Stay Updated July 1, 2010

Well, TheGuideDB is really a very useful resource for finding helpful guides. Found very helpful. 🙂

Himanshu July 1, 2010

Thanks Devilslab. Stay connected for upcoming useful articles.

Rakesh Solanki July 1, 2010

Well useful search engine, i mean no time to take headache to search a topic when we can use this tool. thanks devilworkshop

Nandan | TechFlu July 1, 2010

I always searching for guides, TheGuideDB really very helpful and saves lots of time for searching specific guide.

Himanshu July 1, 2010

You can also search for guides on social media and social bookmarking sites, but you won’t find any PDF guide. This site looks promising in providing various important guides.