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I have not used Google Earth for a long time since I go a new laptop for myself. But when I found out that Google has released a new version Google Earth 6.2, I was curious to check it out. Google Earth is a product that people probably use lesser now a days, as it is more practical to use Google maps.

But true map lovers will probably will enjoy Google Earth a lot more. I think will soon replace most traditional world atlas books anyways.

Google Earth 6.2 Features

  • The new version of Google Earth makes a big improvement from a visual point of view. Earlier we saw while the map was being rendered, a jigsaw of rectangular blocks show up. Now it is a lot more seamless and smoother.
  • Also there are many search improvements, along with auto-complete for Google Earth search. This will a big help for users and might attract more search queries using Google Earth.
  • Finally, the social push for Google Earth comes with the option of sharing screenshots from the software directly onto Google+. Users can also share screen shots via email.


If you download the latest version of Google Earth you might want to check how to activate flight simulator on Google Earth. Google Earth also has Building maker for users to contribute 3D models of building to it.

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Link: Google Earth

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sai February 8, 2012

Google Earth 6.2 is looking very nice and very graphical .. thanks for this info 🙂