How to download videos from Facebook

Facebook is a good way to interact with your friends and other people. Also a good means to share your stuff like photos and videos. But most of the people think that it’s impossible to download a video from Facebook, so privacy wise it’s better to upload a video there so that no one can download and upload it or misuse it. But impossible is nothing especially on net. Let’s see how you can download a video from Facebook.

Downloading a video on Facebook:

  1. To download a video on Facebook you need a Firefox browser as we’re going to use a Firefox extension. Download Mozilla Firefox here. If you’re already using it, skip this step.
  2. Now download the Firefox extension NetVideoHunter. Click ‘Add to Firefox’. After that click allow which will start downloading the extension. Click Install once it’s downloaded and restart Firefox.
  3. Once installed you will see a new icon in you Add-On bar at bottom. Now open Facebook and play the video you want to download. The moment you play that video, NetVideoHunter automatically detects it. Click on NetVideoHunter icon and Select that video from the list and click Download. The video will start downloading.

The video file will be downloaded in MPEG-4 format to the selected location. It is recommended to close your video when downloading starts so that it can download it at highest speed possible. You can also download Youtube, Metacafe, Dailymotion and other videos with the same extension.

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