How to add a new tab on a Facebook Page

Once again we have something for Facebook page owners, this time we will tell you how you can add a new tab to your Facebook page. A Page tab is a new link which will appear on your sidebar where you can add anything about your page like some text, image, video or even animations. Most of the people makes a new tab to add a welcome note for their page.

Steps to add a new tab:

To add a new tab to a page, we will use an application Static HTML: iframe tabs. This application supports both HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and FBML (Facebook  Markup Language).

  1. First of all go to application page using this link: (or go to application’s homepage).
  2. Now select the page where you want to add a tab from the drop down list of Pages you Admin. After that click ‘Add Static HTML: iframe tabs’.
  3. That’s it, new tab is now added to your page. Now to customize your tab go to your page and click on the newly added tab from the sidebar (default name for the tab is ‘Welcome’). Add anything in the box ‘Enter your content here”. You can even add simple text to that box. After that click ‘Save and view tab’ to preview the tab.
  4. To rename your tab from ‘Welcome’ to something else, go to ‘Edit Page’ and select Apps from your sidebar in the left. Go to Static HTML: iframe tabs and click ‘Edit Settings’ and rename the tab.

After that click ‘Save’ and ‘Okay’. This is the easiest and the best way to add a tab on your page. You can use any language i.e. HTML, FBML or CSS for customization. Stay connected as we’ll soon tell you how you can customize a Facebook page tab.