Download WordPress Plugin – Global Content Blocks

Global Content Blocks is a WordPress Plugin released on 26 Dec 2010, that allows us to create our own shortcodes to insert reusable code snippets or HTML including forms, opt-in boxes, iframes, Adsense code, etc, into posts and pages and preserves formatting. One can insert them using the shortcodes or using a button in the at the right corner of the TinyMCE visual editor toolbar. It requires WordPress 2.8.6 or higher and last updated at 28 of Dec 2010.





The Plugin can hold up to 64,000 characters. Since the blocks are added to the WordPress database so are independent of the theme and unaffected by WordPress upgrades. It is ideal for inserting reusable objects into the content and to prevent the WordPress editor from getting mess up the code or otherwise changing the format. The snippets are masked as images to allow easy manipulation and non-html tags contamination.

If you find any issues or have suggestions you can leave a comment at the Plugin homepage.

Link : Global Content Blocks

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