Backup All Firefox Settings Using FEBE [ Including Firefox Extensions]

You are working in an office and you are told to change your computer. You might have plenty of data on your computer, lets not talk about that but if  you are a Firefox user then I am sure you might have many Firefox Add-ons to your browser. To re-install all the add-ons would you like to maintain a list to keep a count of that. In that case what would you like to do?

You can not only backup the browser but you can use it to sync up multiple Firefox browser, how it can be done?

Lets Firefox do it for you, Firefox has an extension called FEBE, it stands for Firefox Environment Backup Extension. First take a backup it will give you a backup file, now you can restore it on another PC(you must have FEBE on the other PC) this way you can get all those add-ons which were present in your first PC.

Advantage :

  • It is beneficial in case of Firefox crash.
  • Restore all add-ons at one click at different PC.
  • Take a backup copy to restore for later use.
  • You can store backup file online to restore it anytime anywhere.
  • FEBE not only backs up your extension but themes, bookmarks, preferences, passwords, cookies and just about everything else Firefox offers.
  • You can selectively restore only the items you need. For instance, you may just want your bookmarks restored and leave everything else as it was.

How to go about it :

  • Download and install FEBE add-on.
  • Take a backup of your add-ons at just a single click. Several options are available, you can schedule your backup daily or weekly or monthly basis.
  • The backup file is created, you can store it on your computer’s hard drive.
  • To sync up Firefox with another computer you need to install FEBE and restore backup file over there.

Link: FEBE

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2 replies on “Backup All Firefox Settings Using FEBE [ Including Firefox Extensions]”

  1. To be true, I found this addon very buggy and it never worked flawlessly for me. As a result, I do take a backup of the profile.

    The best and the easiest way to backup and restore all firefox settings, addons, looks, etc.

    1. I was expecting something of this kind, because when I used it first I succeeded in taking the backup but it was a little tricky to restore the backup since there are many types of file extensions like .xpi or whatever is there, choose appropriate option for restoring and you are done.
      I tested it first myself and found no bug.

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