Dreamhost Controller : Dreamhost App for your Desktop

Dreamhost is one of the top service in the Webhosting industry. We at Devils’ Workshop made use of Dreamhost hosting services back in 2007. High uptime of their servers and Dedicated support staff make them one of the top notch in the industry!
Dreamhost controller is an Adobe AIR application that makes use of Dreamhost APIs, bringing almost all the functionality of the APIs to your desktop. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. If you are hosting your website on Dreamhost servers, then this app can help you easily manage your hosting right from your desktop.

The various functionalities that can be performed with the app are-

  • Rebooting private servers
  • Adding DNS records
  • Viewing announcement lists
  • Viewing domains list
  • Viewing users
  • Viewing PS Server Usage
  • Graphs on PS Server

Here are a few screenshots of the Desktop app-

Landing screen

Check Load on the server

Install the Desktop app

To run the app on your system, you need to install Adobe AIR on your system first.
Download Dreamhost Controller from Webdigi website.
Developed by a London based Web Development company, source code for Webdigi Dreamhost Controller project is publically on google Code. If you are a developer, you can contribute to Dreamhost Controller Project here.

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  1. I used to use dreamhost before I moved to VPS. Personally I enjoyed Dreamhost service and I wish if they have it at the time when I was using it…

    1. Dreamhost is good at customer support, unlike many webhosts! And, the app was released in may last year, but it wasn’t having much features then.

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