Dreamhost Referral Program – Earn More Than Your Webhosting Bills!

image Last month, I completed 1 year on Dreamhost. As webhosting bill is my only expense apart from domain registrations, I thought about checking how paid-webhosting service costing me. Shocking, I earned much more using Dreamhost referral program than what I paid initially.

First Spendings…

I started with 2 year plan with price tag of $190. As I was new on Internet, I never heard about promo-codes. So I failed to save $97, which I could save using promo-codes in circulation at that time. Anyway so my total expense on webhosting till date is $190 which also includes one free-domain registration as part of any plan on Dreamhost. So $190 for 2 year, means $95 per year is web-hosting cost.

Now Earnings…

I earn, as of now, $47 on each referral and $5 when people I refer, refer to someone else. I also have option to go for another referral system which pays more in long run! So I refer 2 people in a year, I get my all spending back!

In last one year, many people signed up for Dreamhost using my promo code DW50 or by clicking on Dreamhost ads on this site. So I will be earning much more than $190 in 2 years. By the way I can withdraw my earnings anytime in-between.

Also, last month Dreamhost sent me 5 special promo codes where each of them pays $97 commission. I posted them here. Till now 3 of them are used earning me $291 extra.

Why Dreamhost Referral Program is Successful?

There are many reason. First, Dreamhost is the best webhost in shared webhosting world. They have best support team and largest user base which operate as a community and help you every time you get stuck while using any of Dreamhost feature. Yes, Dreamhost provides so many feature that I wonder if one person knows everything beforehand!

What you can do?

  • Promote Dreamhost actively.
  • Use referral link everytime you link to Dreamhost. ex: http://www.dreamhost.com/r.cgi?302379
  • Show referral ads in sidebar, etc.
  • Create promo code which are easier to remember.
  • Write post about Dreamhost like this. 😉

Why people will use promo code?

Because promo code offer them heavy discount. As an example, DW50 will offer $50 discount on your bill, similarly those 5 special promo code meant to offer $200 discount. So if a person doesn’t want to use your promo code, then he will loose nice discount!

What else…

Most webhost offers referral/affiliate program like this. Even if you don’t want to go for Dreamhost, use your favorite paid webhost’s affiliate program tactfully. I am not sure if it will work as good as Dreamhost’s referral program working for me!

Link: Dreamhost

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