Dropbox Introduces Streaming of Video Files on Android ICS

If you bought a Android phone recently there is a change that you received a 20 GB bonus storage space with Dropbox. Dropbox has been introducing a lot of great incentives for users on Android platform and continuing in that mode they have now introducedvideo streaming for Android 4 (ICS) users.

Yesterday, Dropbox released an update on Google Play. The update allows ICS platform users, the option of streaming their videos from their Dropbox account rather than download them on the phone. This saves a great deal of memory space for phones.

Why video streaming makes sense for mobile platforms?

Android phones are not the same everywhere, like say an iPhone. This means a lot of Android phones might not have a lot of internal memory. Video files are usually large sized. So downloading them from the cloud to watch them is not really a ideal.

Streaming of video files stored on Dropbox, makes sense as I can view my home videos from my Dropbox account. This saves me a lot of memory on my phone.

I think Google Drive will also soon bring this about, especially once it starts selling movies on Google Play. Dropbox is probably pre-empting it and what better platform to do it on, other than Google’s very own Android.

Link: Dropbox on Google Play