Google Play is an open challenge to Apple and Amazon!

If you want to browse for Android apps and visit the Android Market Place, you might be in for a surprise! The page is redirected to Google Play. What is Google Play? Well, it is a new product launched by Google to pretty much throw open a challenge to companies like Apple and Amazon.

Users will be able to buy movies, music, books and games online and use them seamlessly across different platforms with Google Play. Users will be able to buy a rent a movie from their phone and watch it on their Android tablet. They could pause it and seamlessly catch the rest of it on their laptops. The same could be done with their collection of songs and books bought from Google.

Users using Google Play will get the option of storing upto 20,000 songs for free. It also will boast of the world’s largest collection of e-books along with thousands of movies which can be rented.

Here is a video that explains what Google Play is about

Why Google Play makes sense?

Google does have some nice services like Google Books and Google Music. But these services are no where in sight when compared to Apple’s iTunes and Amazon’s impressive online book store. Google either has to kill of these services or make something coherent out of it which brings in revenues.

Google Play is a perfect idea, where in they serve up apps on mobiles and tablets to actively make it easy to get people buying books, movies and songs from Google. Recently, Chrome browser was made available for Android users and I won’t be surprised that all future Android version might have Chrome as a default browser.

Will it affect Apple and Amazon?

Google Play will probably be successful as it will run on the popular platforms of Android and possibly Chrome. Apple is not just a hardware company. It is also a media company which sells a lot of music and books just like Amazon does. Google Play might be able to give serious competition to Apple and Amazon if it manages to actually strike good deals with music and movie companies.

What do you think about Google Play? Do you think it will be successful or a bit of a non-starter like Google+? Do drop in your comments.


Chintan Jain March 8, 2012

Google has been the biggest competitor of all these brands and with the occurring of Google Play instead of Android Market, certainly one could expect a more bigger showcase from Google

Rajnish March 8, 2012

Really Great Launch from Google, Combining all Necessary stuffs movie, music, app, games and books. But it also increases the need of High quality android phone to play HD Movies !!

Arunzee March 9, 2012

Yeah actually google is boss… but he is afraid of lossing its position now… If he stay quite than that will be his big mistake…. 😛