Gmail Hints That Hotmail, AOL and Yahoo Are Outdated!

The latest public relations push by Gmail is called ‘Email Intervention’. If you visit your Gmail login page, it will show up a new feature asking users to ‘Save their friends from outdated email’. 🙂

Google is looking to tap into peer pressure from it’s happy users, to get their friends using other email services that it is time to move over to Gmail.


Check out the video below, where the presenter suggests that Gmail users should get their friends who use ‘embarrassingly out of data address’ to move over to Gmail. The video also adds that these email services were around when people still used Floppy Disks, Portable Disc Player, VHS Cassettes. This is a reference to Hotmail, Yahoo and AOL which were around since the late 90’s.

Gmail’s Email Intervention Video

Why is Gmail pushing so hard to get new users?

Gmail is a great way for Google to get new members using its various other services. It also might indirectly give a push to Google+.

It might be poking fun at Hotmail, AOL and Yahoo as old and outdated, but honestly as a regular Gmail user, I cannot imagine moving back to the older email services and still wonder why some friends still do not use Gmail.

What are your views on Gmail? Do you have friends who still have not discovered Gmail? Do drop in your comments.

Link: Email Intervention


Giri July 29, 2011

Gmail is the best email service in the world. I was using Yahoo! before and after long thinking finally I moved to Gmail two years back. Initially I thought about the moving the data, folders and other issues so I was postponing but actually it was very easy to import all mails without any major issue.

Now seriously I can’t think about the email without Gmail. So many futures they are giving almost daily they are introducing new future.. especially the double verification is excellent system. Its really useful for every one.

Guys If you are not using Gmail then definitely you are missing something.

Aditya Kane July 30, 2011

@Giri : Yes, good to see a fellow Gmail fan. But Microsoft has hit back with a video of their own making fun of Gmail. Check it here.

Giri July 31, 2011

Aditya I saw that 🙂 As a user like me this issue is not a big deal. I don’t have any confidential data like as MS expected 🙂 Apart from this I think Google responded “Ads enable and disable” option for Google Apps users (not regular users).

Hope MS comments will be serious threat for Google so Google has to take some action that’s why Google is responding like this. Its all for good then only we will get more benefits and services 😉

Google will also understand the reality.. since its a competitive world. If you are not ready to give the confidential service then next company is in “Q”

Loren December 25, 2011

Who cares? I don’t care of hotmail is out of date. Like it matters… I get my mail so who cares.. What’s the difference?