Enable Sync Open Tabs on Your Chrome Browser!

 I usually work from my laptop but sometimes do test out some stuff on a desktop. At times I need to refer to a tab I have open on my laptop’s Chrome browser. Chrome recent stable release has a feature that allows you to synchronize even open tabs on different machines.

Upgrade to the latest Stable version of Chrome and sync your browsers. Users can access it on ‘Other Devices’ menu on new tab of Chrome.

Features of Synchronizing Open Tabs with Chrome

  • Users can access their open tabs on multiple computers as long as they sign-in with the same Google account.
  • Not only just the webpages on that particular tab is synced but even the browsing history, which allows users to click on back and visit the previous page from a different page.
  • This should work across different platforms where Chrome is compatible. This includes and device running on Android 4.0 thanks to the Chrome app.

Here is the Chrome video explaining syncing open tabs:

I have always wondered if Chrome is going to become the default browser for Android OS at some point of time. When Android Market was renamed as Google Play, it promised a seamless and synchronized experience.

I am sure having open tabs synchronized will be quite productive for people who work across different computers and Android devices. If you like using Chrome on multiple devices, you might like to see how to share desktops remotely with Chrome on your computer.

Link: Chrome (Latest Stable Version)