Enable Two- Step Authentication for Twitter

Twitter steps up security with option to add mobile phone number and use two-step verification for all account users.

Twitter_new_logo.pngToday, Twitter has rolled out an update that allows users to add a phone number to the account. The idea is simple. Every time a users signs-in there is added code that is asked. That code is sent to users via a text message.

So even if someone manages to guess a password, they would not be able to get the verification code from the users phone.

How to activate Twitter’s two-step authentication feature

  • Visit your Twitter profile on the browser and sign-in. Now on the right-hand corner you will see a gear shaped symbol.
  • Hover over it and it shows you the options to look up settings. Under Settings >> Account users can see a new option to titled Account Security.


  • We can add a phone number and also select the option to turn-on two step verification.

Here is a nice video demo by Twitter to help their users out

With this step Twitter joins Google and Dropbox in offering two-step verification for better security.

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Arun Sathiya May 23, 2013

Does Google Authenticator work with this?

Ankit May 24, 2013

I am still wondering why did Twitter take so much of time to roll out?

Satish Kumar May 25, 2013

2-step verification is very good option to all social networking sites. now the time is twitter. i will setup my twitter account with this tutorial. thank you so much