Encode information about yourself in a Barcode!

With the rise of retailing, came the rise of the now familiar bar-code. The black and white bars of differing widths, can encode a certain amount of information. This information in shops is usually prices and serial numbers for more efficiency. On tickets a barcode might be used to counter black marketeers.

Barcode yourself is a web tool with which we can create our personal barcode with information like age, gender, location.

Barcode yourself features

  • The website basically allows entering some vital personal information like your gender, age, country, height and weight.
  • Then this information is taken and a barcode is generated.
  • I had the options of downloading this bar-code as an image on my computer or evening getting a printout.

With Phones that can read bar-codes and even create them, such tools can be quite useful to encode details without being to obvious.

Try out Barcode Yourself and create your own unique barcode. It is created by Scott Blake, a bar-code enthusiast and artist. Do drop in your comments.

Link: Barcode Youself