Experience Windows 8’s Live Tiles feature with Mosaic

Windows 8’s looks to be a great OS, with faster boot and many more features. If you have a Windows Phone, you probably know how Live Tiles look like.

When you boot your Windows 8 device, you’ll be shown a set of tiles which show the apps you’ve installed, it’s highly customizable.  Mosaic is a Windows 7 only app for all those Windows fans who can’t wait to get their hands on Live Tiles feature.

Mosaic is Live Tiles for Windows 7

Previewing Live Tiles using Mosaic

  • Mosaic promises to give Live Tiles experience on your Windows 7 device, it’s opensource.
  • You can add new apps to Mosaic from its store, there are many good apps like Gmail, Twitter, Google Calendar etc.

Widgets in Mosaic Store

  • You can also add .exe files of the most used application to Mosaic Screen. To do that, hit on the forward button > Pin > Application, and select the executable file.
  • The wallpaper of Mosaic screen can be customizable too, for that, hit options > UI > select any image.
  • It also integrates with Facebook, you can favorite any of your Facebook friends and they will show up as Tiles, you can even access the wall.

Facebook in Mosaic

  • Also, you can pin your favorite websites as tiles, it does have an integrated browser for that.

Mosaic is still in beta, but it is quite smooth on my system. If you’re a Windows 7 user, try out Mosaic and tell us what you think of it.

Link: Mosaic