Facebook Announced New Privacy Settings

There were lots of problems faced by Facebook users because of spam and privacy factors in Facebook like Candid Camera Prank video is a spam application on Facebook .

After lots of problems and feedback, Facebook finally decided to come up with few simple controls so that we can handle our profiles in better way and make it more secure and safe from hackers.


Credit: Flickr

Mark Zuckerberg , CEO of Facebook came up with few plans to make changes in Facebook to make it safer to use. Facebook has focused on main 3 things which are:

Single Control for your content:

This single control will help you to set the option about who can see the content of your post. You can also change the option to view the content by everyone, your friends or friends of your friends.

More powerful controls for basic information:

This is the next step of Facebook for maintaining privacy. Facebook have reduced the amount of basic information to be visible by everyone. Now you can control who can see your friends, pages etc. But, I guess we have to make this option public otherwise, it would be tough to search us and know more about us and Facebook is all about knowing each other better.

Sharing information with third party:

Now you can choose the option that any Facebook application or website can access your information or not. If you are like me who don’t like to access games or other applications , you can easily turn them off , thus your information will be secured to you and third party applications or website won’t able to access it.

All these settings are expected to roll out in next two weeks. Hope all this options ends up with positive and useful note.

Do share with us what you think about these changes by Facebook, are they worth for securing our accounts by hackers?

Via: Facebook Blog