Top 4 websites to analyze your influence on Twitter

Once you stop being the naive blogger and get a little smarter you make sure you have a Twitter account and get active on it to reach out to the world with links from your blog. So now one thing is to find out how influential you are on Twitter.

Here are 4 great websites which can help you get analytical data of your influence on Twitter.


  • This website is a great way to get insights into your Tweets and your influence on the social networking site. It shows up details like clicks on your Tweets.
  • It also has a graph to show your generosity which tries to look up how often do you share other people’s Tweet. This is actually useful to check if someone you are following is a good ReTweet candidate. πŸ˜‰
  • The data shown is pretty much like Google analytics and I think a must for anyone who is taking marketing their website and services through Twitter very seriously.

#2. Klout

  • Klout is perfect for a quick overview of your influence on Twitter and also gives your a Klout score. Higher the score the more influential you are on Twitter.
  • It also has data regarding true reach on Twitter which tracks and rates the actual audience which you engage and not just the followers you have.
  • Finally there are other details like Amplification probability of a particular account which takes into account the wide rage of niches that your followers belong to and actually Retweet your Tweets.

#3. ReTweet Rank

  • The assumption of Retweet Rank is simple. It ranks you according to the number your tweets get shared or re-tweeted.
  • That is how your Retweet Rank is calculated and hence lower the rank the better your profile is and obviously that also translates to being more influential.

#4. Twitter Grader

  • Twitter Grader is a website which gives your Twitter profile a grade based on many different values.
  • Based on the frequency of updates, following and the grade of your follower’s end up impacting your Twitter Grade. The higher the grade the more influential your twitter profile is.

Ideally I feel the 4 services I have reviewed should really give you all the insight into any Twitter profile and statistics. As I said before Twitter influence is quite important for anyone who creates an online community and manages to exploit it. You might also like to look up 5 great Twitter apps.

Do you think any other tools are better or needed to be covered? Do share them through your comments and also write in your views. πŸ™‚

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David Liem May 31, 2010

Great links. I love the reporting design, very clean and modern. Any other good reporting services with attractive layouts?