Facebook Becomes The Numero Uno Social Networking Site In India

It has finally happened. While there have been numerous discussions on the astronomical growth of Facebook in India, in the latest internet traffic reports released by Comscore, Facebook has taken the top spot as the most visited Social Networking site in India.

The comscore reports throws some really interesting insights into the social networking adoption in India,

  • Indian social networking audience has increased by 43% over the past year
  • India now ranks as the 7th largest market for Social network globally
  • The total internet audience in India has only grown by 13% annually but the social networking audience has grown as much as three times

These facts suggest exciting times for the social networking marketplace in India. The comscore report has also provided a list of popular social networking sites in India


The list features some predictable names like Facebook, Twitter and Orkut. Infact, Facebook is growing at a breakneck speed as is visible in the %change column

The numbers are definitely encouraging from the perspective of adoption of social networking in India. Moreover, these numbers also hint at an increasing target market for digital marketers to tap into. We are already seeing the presence of key B2C brands on social media platforms . Even the B2B brands have boarded the ship and IT Services sector has been increasing its digital footprint through twitter and Facebook. How these brands are leveraging the medium is a whole different story altogether but the growth of social networking in India is happening and its happening real fast.

What do you think the future holds as far as the social networking traffic in India is considered. Where Facebook and Twitter are expected to continue their growth, is there scope for a localized social networking website to cause disruption.

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Himadri Dimri August 27, 2010

nice info.. i think the future of Facebook and Twitter is really bright in India. People are getting more and more interested into letting their friends n family know what’s goin in their lives by using such social medium…