Anna Hazare’s official Blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts

“Anna Hazare”, one of the most trending and discussed topic of 2011 is going to be more interesting now as the Famous man himself joined the most popular social networking website Facebook and micro-blogging site Twitter. He also launched two of his blogs on blogger and wordpress each in order to reach as many Indians […]

Facebook introduces Bigger and Faster photos!

Facebook once again changes it’s album photo size and the way Facebook shows it. The photos are now bigger and finally Facebook changed it’s black background photo viewer. The new size for the Facebook photos are 960 pixels (earlier it was 720 pixels) that means the new bigger photos are really that big! It’s gonna […]

Facebook copies features from Google+ in it’s new design [Leaked]

A moment ago, Facebook launched it it’s new design with lot’s of changes in it’s theme. This new interface is good and isn’t irritating like it’s older design changes. But somehow I feel that Facebook copied things from Google+ which is a recently launched Social Networking website from Google. Like Google plus, Facebook also started […]

Facebook launches two new security feature for “Facebook Mobile”

“Facebook”- a website that takes user privacy seriously just launched two new features for those who uses Facebook from mobile. Well not the Facebook applications like “Facebook for Blackberry” and “Facebook for iPhone” but for those who uses These features are, “Mobile Social Reporting” and “Mobile Password Reset” Let’s have a look at them. […]

Facebook adds new ‘preview’ of link in comments

Facebook just launched a new feature which is to show a preview of the link that we share in comments. It’s obviously a good feature but good for spammers as well. This ‘preview’ of the page contains in a link shows a small randomly selected picture, which makes the comment as well as the link […]

Facebook Becomes The Numero Uno Social Networking Site In India

It has finally happened. While there have been numerous discussions on the astronomical growth of Facebook in India, in the latest internet traffic reports released by Comscore, Facebook has taken the top spot as the most visited Social Networking site in India. The comscore reports throws some really interesting insights into the social networking adoption […]

Airtel Users Can Now Access Facebook Free For 2 Months

Bharti Airtel has  made accessing Facebook free for its subscribers, albeit for a two month period. The move tops almost every other option available for accessing facebook on mobile for free. If you remember, Facebook had recently launched a very basic version primarily for mobile access for free. Using users can access their […]

Facebook’s new impression count for page admins

Recently our editor Aditya posted about Facebook sending page reports to admins and now they have started showing posts insights with every single posts for you pages. That means now you can get stats for every single posts you publish which can be a status update, a link, video or even a single image you […]

Facebook’s new retweet like ‘via’ feature is now active

You might be familiar with  the share button of Facebook by which you can share any post on facebook posted by your friends, any group or a page. But the main disadvantage of this feature was that the original contributor was not shown with the shared content. Facebook has modified it a little and this […]

Time to open your FarmVille holiday presents :D

The wait is finally over and it’s the time to open all your Blue, Pink, Green, Red and Brown holiday special presents that you collected in ‘Holiday Tree’ of FarmVille. The ‘Holiday Tree’ which is having a capacity of 100 gifts is having all your gifts that you received from your friends but you can’t […]