Facebook Chat hidden feature; add profile pictures while chatting

Facebook Chat is a very popular feature of Facebook but technically and feature wise it’s not good as compared to other IM services like Skype and Yahoo Messenger but still people use it only because it’s integrated with Facebook. But here’s a trick using which you can make it little exciting and add a new feature to it. Using this trick you can add any profile picture of a profile or page to your chat.

  1. Open a chat window of any friend. Now copy a profile’s id or username of a profile. See the examples below; use same method for a page:

Profile id: The profile ID for the profile https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=000000000 will be 000000000.

Username: The username for the profile https://www.facebook.com/sauravjit will be sauravjit.

2. Once you copied the profile id or username go to chatbox and type that id or username within double square brackets. For example [[sauravjit]] and hit enter. Now the [[sauravjit]] part will show my current profile picture in the chat.










  1. Use same method for pages, copy a page’s username in case it’s having one or simply copy the number from the page’s link.

Don’t forget to give it a try with your friends. You can also use these profile pictures as a smiley.

(via Mashable)


harsimran December 27, 2011

Awesome …

sauravjit December 27, 2011

I’m glad u like it! 🙂