Search for interesting Twitter users with new Google tool

Google has released a tool which is still a beta product but very interesting and might be useful for people trying to dig into Twitter. What is does is allows you to search for interesting people on Twitter if you enter the Twitter ID of someone you are following and find interesting. This tool is called Follow Finder.

How does Follow Finder work?

  • This tool is meant for people using Twitter for information to dig deeper into their network. So let’s assume that you follow me on Twitter (@adityakane ) and really love my tweets. 😛
  • Then you can enter my Twitter handle on Follow Finder and it will give you a list of results. They will be rated in two columns.
  • One column to the left will show you Twitter users you might like following and on the right side it shows twitter accounts having similar followers to my account.

Why can Follow Finder be useful?

I liked this service as it allows me to search for Twitter users I might not know about or pay attention. Most users I tend to notice after reading a few tweets from them which are important but for that I have to look up their profile and that is frankly a little too tedious.

Basically Follow Finder makes things simple by telling you who you might want to follow based on who is following you. I personally do not like to blindly follow someone as it makes no sense to spam my own twitter time-line. I rather listen to fewer voices but more clearer ones. 🙂

Do try out Follow Finder and let me know if you find it useful. You can also look up 5 great web services to use Twitter.

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Sumanth April 21, 2010

Nice update..But While iam trying to find tweeps recomended for me using this follow finder…After entering my twitter id it is showing a message that we cant recommend you any tweeps because we dont know much about you..what is the reason for this msg and what should i do to get my recomended tweeps.??…

Aditya Kane April 21, 2010

could be because of the no of followers you have or activity on your twitter account

Sumanth April 21, 2010

But i have around 40 followers and am following around 70…are there any minimum criteria to get that..??

Aditya Kane April 21, 2010

I do not think there is a minimum criteria, atleast not mentioned on the site. It is a beta product so maybe try in a day or two again.