Facebook Introduces Much Wanted Tag Approval Feature

I have never been very comfortable with Facebook’s privacy options. The changes to privacy settings and usually the lack of control on people tagging me to any photo has me worried. Yes, I still use Facebook, but not because I like it but because I have all my friends there.

The most irritating feature of Facebook has been friends tagging you. When someone tags you in a post, it actually shows up on Wall. The problem is we cannot control which friend can tag us.

The new feature will allow people to approve any post or photo when a friends tags them.

This change is not really radical and should have been part of Facebook over a year ago. Unfortunately it probably took the threat of Google+, for Facebook to stop taking its users for granted and actually make things easier.

Do not worry if you do not see this feature on your Facebook account. It will be rolled out gradually for all users.

Source: Facebook Blog