Facebook for iPhone 4.0.1 review and screenshots

Facebook just released it’s latest version of Facebook for iPhone application i.e Facebook 4.0.1 which works on both on iPhone and iPad. This newer version is better than the previous one and we have many new features like we have on facebook.com when used from a PC.

We have now a new Notifications tab where we can see all the activities such as likes, comments and wall posts on our profile. Also there’s a new Menu button which shows all games, apps, pages and group links and allows you to use Facebook chat or manage your account. You can also search for your friends as well as games, pages or groups in your new search options.

The major change in the older and this 4.0.1 version of Facebook is that we have a better User Interface now and everything seems conveniently placed and easy to use. You can access anything with few clicks and a good design makes it easy to read and understand. Check out some screenshots of Facebook for iPhone 4.0.1.


To download this latest version of Facebook for iPhone/iPad i.e 4.0.1 simply click here or find it in your iTunes desktop/mobile software.