Facebook launches new Face-Lifted Facebook Groups

Facebook groups, which were not that much popular on Facebook just because of their own Facebook pages are now getting better. Recently Facebook did a major change in their groups and now they are even better than Facebook pages.

The major thing or better we say the best thing they have changed is that now the updates from Facebook groups will be directly shown to friends homepage which is a very cool feature. It’s because everybody on Facebook loves to write anything so that people can interact with it and for maximum interaction, there should be maximum exposure.

Also now the updates will be delivered to the message box of people who have joined the group doesn’t matter if the total number of member of that group is more than a million.

But then the question arise that what’s the difference between a Facebook group and a Facebook page. Facebook engineer describes it as,

Keep in mind that while Groups and Pages now look the same, they still serve different purposes. Groups are for fostering member-to-member collaboration, while Pages remain the best way to broadcast messages to your fans if you are a business, organization, public figure or other entity.

In easy words, you can distinguish both of them as you become a fan of a page and you joins a group.

What’s new?

  • Easy interaction by direct posting to news feeds.
  • More options of communication.
  • Profile look.
  • Group=Page with an option of even organising.
  • Separate albums.
  • Easy to access and clean design.



You can also check out the official FacebooKnol page here.