Suggesting Friends for Friend is Facebook’s new Suggestion

Well the topic of this post is quite confusing just like Facebook itself 😛

This post is a recent update rom Facebook. Now your friends who recently joined Facebook will be shown in your ‘Suggestions’ where we generally see ‘People We May Know’ or ‘Become a Fan’.


These suggestion will ask you to suggest new friends for your friends which have either recently joined Facebook or having very less number of friends. Now only friend suggestions but also Facebook is highlighting the profiles of recently joined people so that you can write on their wall.


Well apart from “Suggest friends for him” and “Write on her wall” you can also see a suggestion where you can suggest a ‘profile picture’ for your friend 😀


You can click on “Suggest a Profile Picture” on your homepage and upload a picture which you want your friend to use it as his/her profile picture. It’s quite weird to suggest a profile picture to your friend but it’s quite interesting too as it is not generally used by other social networking sites.