Get Email alerts while monitoring keywords in Twitter Lists

If you are an avid Twitter user, you are probably following a few Lists on Twitter. It is not possible to read each and every tweet in a list. I came across Listiti which allows me to set keywords while monitoring a particular Twitter List. If there is a tweet within the list containing the keyword, Listiti sends me an email alert.


Set alerts with Listiti

  • The best thing about Listiti is that there was no need for me to register to their website. I could simply enter the details and the alert was created.
  • I did not need to enter the URL of the List but just enter it’s name. For example I used a list of all accounts on Twitter we have at rtBlogs.
  • Then I entered the keywords to be monitored. If you leave this field blank you will receive alerts for all the tweets from this list. 😉
  • Finally enter your email address and click on ‘Create the Alert

That’s all you need to do and you are set to monitor Twitter Lists for certain keywords which will ensure that you do not miss out reading the important tweets.

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