[TIP] Open Original Post Links Inside Google Reader!

Following a blog on RSS reader is a great way to keep track of your blog subscriptions. I literally follow hundreds of blogs and never feel overwhelmed thanks to Google Reader.

Reading a post on Google Reader is usually a great experiance, especially if the content is complete. Unfortunately sometimes the content is only a description or introduction and one has to click on the title link of the post to open it on a different tab of the browser.

If you are using Chrome, then you might find Google Reader Inline Extension quite handy.

Open Original Post Links Inside Google Reader

  • Install the extension on your Chrome.
  • Now open your Google Reader on Chrome browser and start reading your feeds.
  • Next to the title you will see a small icon to open the post link inside Google Reader.

You can also read up more tips on customizing your Google Reader here. Try out Google Reader Inline Extension and drop drop in your comments.

Link: Google Reader Inline