Google Maps to soon have branded advertisments

A while ago I wrote about how companies came up with innovative ideas with creating giant symbols on the ground so they might make it on Google Earth’s satellite images. Now brands do not have to do anything that drastic but only advertise their locations on Google Maps. This feature is being tested in Google Maps Australian locations.

How will the ads work?

Google will show a company’s symbol or logo withing Google Maps so that finding a particular place of business will be easier. This will be quite useful for restaurants and malls as they would really want to stand out compared to other landmarks on Google Maps.

Who gets to advertise?

Google will decide it the company relevant enough and large enough to warrant a logo to be put up in Google Maps. This is vital as Google will make money through impressions rather than the Ad-words system.

How does Google make money?

Google will probably charge money based on impressions means everytime someone see the logo on the map the company with logo will pay some money. There is obviously no click through as it is a map so no one can expect to click on a logo.

This feature is currently being testing in Australia according to Google Australia official blog. It is quite impressive to see how Google manages to make money through advertising with any service they offer.

What do you think? Will this be Google new super earning service in the future or there may not be many who would want to buy into this concept?

Do drop in your comments with your views.


Suhasini March 20, 2010

This is really nice and it will help marketers to advertise on Google maps, nice finding Aditya.

Sourish | Friendly Blogs March 21, 2010

Google is monetizing on everything … Darn !!!

Aditya Kane March 25, 2010

Google will monetize any service, but their way of monetization is quite inventive.

Tina March 27, 2010

yea, Google does monetize any service it offers in an innovative way. But hey, the users of Google are throughly benefited.

Aditya Kane March 30, 2010

No doubt Tina, I am surely not complaining about its innovative services or its benefits but it sure is interesting to see its innovative ways of making money.