Facebook’s new Public Metric “People Talking About This”

In the series of changes in Facebook Pages, Facebook added another feature to it and this time they have got something related to user interaction of the page i.e insights. They have launched a new feature called “People Talking About This” which is a new count of users interacting with that page. This new count is public and is visible to every one visiting that page. That mean’s it’s not only for admins unlike post impressions.

This “People Talking About This” will measure the user interaction on a page. This user interaction includes Likes on posts, Wall post written by a member, sharing content, RSVP to page’s events, mentioning page’s name somewhere on Facebook, tagging Page in a photo, and Check-ins in case the page  is of some place.

This is a good feature and will motivate page owners and admins to keep the page updated with good and quality content in order to keep users active. Also this “People Talking About This” matters a lot as this is a public metric i.e. visible to everyone visiting that page.