Browse Through Flickr Photos in 3D – Tag Galaxy

If you are a photography fan like I am, you will probably have a few favourite websites to explore new photos. One prominent favourite is Flickr.

I came across Tag Galaxy which allows users to look up and search for Flickr photos in a 3D layout.


Tag Galaxy Features

  • Just search for a tag on the website and related tags show up as if exploring a planetary system in 3 dimensional space.


  • Then click on other related tags and after a few combinations, look up the relevant images which are displayed super imposed over a globe.
  • The website works Flash Player installed on your system for it to show the 3D animation.

The 3 D format of browsing photos on Flickr could be  fun way to introduce kids to photography and Flickr. For Flickr aficionados, it could be a nice way to look up photos taking into account multiple tags.

Do try it out and drop in your comments.

Link: Tag Galaxy
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