Create and Share Online Polls Directly on Twitter – Twoll

Create online polls on Twitter with which allows users to vote by simply clicking on a link instead of visiting a page where the poll is hosted.

Twitter is a great place for asking questions and getting answers in real-time. is a handy web app that helps creating online polls with Twitter. Running a poll on Twitter means sending out a link and hoping your followers will take the trouble of opening the link and then voting. People really do not like visiting a web poll from Twitter, mainly because many of them are on a mobile phone.

Twoll resolves this issue by allowing the clicking of a particular URL to register a vote.

Twitter Polls

How it works:

  • Simply visit and use Twitter credentials to authorize the app from your Twitter account.
  • Now create a poll and add a question. Add options and a preview of the poll is created.
  • Tweet out the poll and it shows up with links that can be clicked.
  • Users can close the poll after after a while and can check the percentage of votes for the options provided.

Here is an example of a poll I created on Twoll.

A pro account version is expected soon and I think that will show more details on how many people are actually voting.

Do try out Twoll and let me know your views on it in your comments.

Link: Twoll

One Comment

Arun Sathiya June 6, 2013

One of the best tools ever that runs perfect with Twitter. Thanks for this share, Aditya. 🙂 Asking questions becomes a lot more easier now.