FarmVille collections: New FarmVille feature

FarmVille Collections is a new feature of FarmVille in which you can collect things like Gardening tool, bugs e.t.c. To collect these you have to play FarmVille and perform it’s various tasks that you usually do like Plowing, Harvesting, Fertilizing and Gifting items to your friends. These Collections can be found in your giftbox and to see your own collection click on the ‘Ribbons’ near your giftbox icon and select collections. However the purpose of these Collections is still not clear as there’s no official update from FarmVille blog.

Few points about New FarmVille Collections:

  • There are four types of collection:

Gardening Tools Collection
Country Kitsch Collection
Bug Collection
Feather Collection

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  • To get these collections do your normal routine activites like harvesting, plowing, fertilizing, gifting, brushing animals e.t.c.
  • There are three common, two uncommon and one rare type of collection in each category.
  • New collections can be found in your gift-box.
  • To see all the collections collected by you click on Ribbon achievements and select Collections.

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  • New collection will be shown by a pop-up above your neighbor’s list.

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Johnmark N. Villanueva January 29, 2010

What will i do if i see the (hint: you need to get a little dirty)

sauravjit January 29, 2010


cumhur November 13, 2010

i need gifts thank u for helping