Farmville to have branded crops

I personally do not play Framville, I gave up after a couple of days but I was floored by the sheer number of requests I get every day by friends playing Farmville and I am sure there are many who visit Facebook mainly to play games like Framville and Mafia.

So how does Facebook monetize a huge chunk of visitors who might not click on any advertisements as they are busy with only Farmville. Recently the new trend is to have branded crops on Framville.

Saatchi and Saatchi announced a breakthrough deal with allowing people playing Farmville to grow peanuts from Nutz to be grown as digital crops. This will actually mean Farmville and probably Facebook will earn money from the brand which can be grown digitally on Farmville.

These new branded crops will be available on the 14th April 2010 and there will be competitions with the new branded digital crops.

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Do let me know through your comments what do you think about these digital branded crops? Will they be a relevant form of advertisement or people simply might not warm up to it? Do drop in your comments.