Allow your website visitors to send you files from an interface on your website

I have used few different websites to transfer large files on emails! Including yousendit, sendspace, wetransfer, dropbox etc.  All are very useful. There is another service which I think is not used by many and which could be very useful for some website and business owners!

It is basically a File Transfer facility on your own website!

This is not going to occupy your web server space nor bandwidth. This embeds file transfer interface on your website. The rest is the same process we already know.

Interesting feature of this is your website users or people who want to send you a file, do not really need to know your e-mail and they only fill up their e-mail address, a message & attach a file. That’s it!

You will never need to ask them to go to different sites & fill up the forms and send you a file! (Things are worse when clients/users are skeptical of doing this on unknown sites)

This feature is available for free on SendThisFile called as Filebox. (This is not free on sites I mentioned above.  This website requires a sign-up.)

There are two versions of Filebox available

  1. Free, standard one!
  2. Paid version with few branding customizations

But Personally, I think the standard free version is just perfect in serving the purpose!

Click Here to see standard/free filebox I have created to show on DW!


  • The upload speed will be SLOWER than a paid account.
  • The file will expire in 3 days.
  • The file can only be downloaded only 3 times.
  • We can send only one file at a time.
  • Ads are displayed with the interface.


  • Fast download speed for the recipient that is you!
  • Download information available in “My Files” area of SendThisFile website.
  • You get notified by email when you receive files. 🙂

If you find it useful for your website then do drop in your comments, also share with us any similar services you might have come across.

Link: SendThisFile