Help !! I Clicked My Adsense Ads By Mistake


I wrote about a couple of days ago on some tips to get your adsense account approved. Once you have got it approved, you must be careful that you don’t click on your own ads since this will result in a permanent ban from Adsense.

But it is human to make mistakes and it is possible that you might click your ads by mistake. Will Google ban your account for this one mistake? Will you lose all the money you have in your account?

Don’t panic. If it is an honest mistake you don’t have to worry. Google understands that “Accident Happens”. In its official blog Google says that we do understand that an accidental click may occur from time to time, so there’s no need to contact us each instance this occurs.” Read the complete article on official Adsense blog.

Google closely monitors all the account activities, and when it detects a click from the publisher on his ad, it does not count them treating them as an accidental click. It assumes that you will be more careful after making a mistake and accidental clicks from you will reduce to zero. But if you continue clicking your own ads even after making a mistake, Google will realize that you are doing it intentionally to make some quick money. So avoid the temptation of committing “honest mistakes”. No one knows how Google monitors these clicks and so it’s better to be on the safer side.

How can you reduce accidental clicks?

One of the best ways to reduce accidental clicks is to not allow the ads to display when you view your website. You can do this by using Ad-Block Plus, a firefox add-on that disables advertisement from websites. You can disable the ads only for your site or for all the sites based on your preference. Read more about Ad-Block Plus for complete details.


There may be scenarios where you want to know who the advertiser is. Instead of clicking on the ad check tools like Adsense sandbox, which displays sample ads based on your site.

I still want to contact Google to be on a safer side

If you had accidentally clicked your own ad, and want to contact Google , use this form to notify Google. If you feel some jealous soul is clicking on your ads liberally to get your account banned, include the traffic stats and ip address of recent visitors.

If you are honest with Adsense there are many legitimate ways of using Adsense in different ways like including them in your RSS feeds which can really earn money without trying to break rules.

Do tell me of other tips you have which can be helpful in avoiding clicking on your own Ad-Sense links by mistake.


Ankit April 12, 2010

I read this post at google blog after I clicked an adsense ad by msiatke, However I am not sure what to do if you like few google ads..Like many times i found very attractive ads and I want to check them, I have to look at the banner and found the URL..then I manually type it and open that site.

Suraj November 4, 2010

can you provide me alternate to google adsense for blogs?

Anshul Dixit November 4, 2010

you can try out infolinks, adbrite chitika etc, however the earning from them can’t be compared to Adsense. Adsense is the best in terms of earnings.

AAron November 14, 2010

I have almost accidently clicked on my ads. Thank you for sharing ad-block plus, i will be using it from now on.