[New Feature] View Google Related Links while Looking Up a Webpage!

Google_related_LogoGoogle is ramping up it’s search service big time. Recently it introduced Google+ posts being included in social search results. Now it has added a new feature called Google Related. This is a new feature which shows Google related links to any page that you are viewing.

This means if you are looking up a website to buy books, at the bottom of the page, there will be a bar that shows Google related links. These are links to Google Places, YouTube Videos, Google Images and more.

Google Related Features

The best part of this service is, that is does not spam related links. I used it with MySmartPrice, a website to look up mobiles and books prices and got some neat related links from Google Related extension for Chrome (see image below).


It does not show up related links while looking at sites which are general. For example while surfing Gmail, Facebook or even blogs.

Here is a video about Google Related

Use Google Related on Chrome or use it via Google Toolbar if you are using Internet Explorer. Do drop in your comments.

Link: Google Related


Tushar Agarwal August 17, 2011

Its nice works great, but chrome also required Google Related extension to be installed. For those who are concerned with privacy “For Google Related to work, this Chrome extension has to tell us what site you’re visiting by sending Google the URL of the current page. “

Ken August 18, 2011

Google Related is SPAM. Don’t be fooled. We used to hate predessors like GATOR from the early 2000s where they would install on your computer and keep giving you competing offers for similar pages. That’s exactly what Google RELATED is. There is no other explanation. Google keeps preaching about SPAM and yet they are SPAMMING the crap out of everybody with this new addon. IE installs it automatically and you don’t even get a chance to deny installation. Hey Google what’s up? You spammer…

Aditya Kane August 19, 2011

Even though at the moment Google Related has not annoyed me, I can imagine it being irritating sometimes.