MySmartPrice – Check Cheapest Price For Mobiles Phones And Books

When it comes to looking up a new mobile phone or a book online, the first thing we look for is how to get the cheapest deal for it. Also rather than looking up individual sites and their listings, it would be really nice to look up and compare prices at one place.

With MySmartPrice we can look up the cheapest and best deals on mobile phones and books. The site looks up the best deals from several Indian online stores.

Searching for Cheapest Mobile Phones

  • I really liked the search features of this website when it came to looking up mobile phones.
  • The mobile phones could be searched individually or one can browse through results on a manufacturer.
  • I found the Android section also quite useful to look up comparative prices.

Searching for the cheapest books

  • Personally I liked this section a lot because it is very hard to look up good deals for books. Most times a not so popular book is not even available.
  • I looked up some history related non-fiction books which I have had a hard time looking up and I was not disappointed. I guess this is the advantage of searching across various online stores from a single place.

Do look up MySmartPrice if you are looking to buy a book or cell phone online.

Link: MySmartPrice


Anshul Dixit December 23, 2010

Nice timing !! I have to buy a phone within a week and this is definitely going to be helpful in my search. Thanks for the share 🙂

Aditya Kane December 23, 2010

Good to know you will find it helpful. Personally I am hooked on to, looking up books.

huzaifa December 23, 2010

Good one, we can compare the price of a product at one place.

huzaifa darbar December 23, 2010

Even I have selected one Nokia mobile for my mom, off course not because of this post but her b’day is coming.

Brij December 24, 2010

Really Great Site!!!

I like Book section. I need the latest technology books. Now I get and can do comparision of prices.

Aditya Kane February 6, 2011

Yes, more than the mobile section, I too prefer looking up the book section.