Yahoo Mail integrates with Dropbox!

Yahoo Mail integrated with Dropbox, allowing users to save their attachments to their Dropbox accounts. Yahoo does not have a cloud storage service while Dropbox does not have a email offering. So working together seems natural.

“My enemy’s enemy is my friend” is a quote that is true for both Yahoo and Dropbox. Yahoo announced that Dropbox will be available on the service. The integration with Dropbox means, Yahoo mail users can directly store their attachments files like photos, videos and documents on Dropbox.

Once users on Yahoo mail, check an email with an attachment, they will see a pop-up that asks them to store attachments with Dropbox.


Yahoo and Dropbox are natural allies

Yahoo has a popular web mail service but no cloud offering as yet. It is also a company on the decline from its glorious past and trying to get back on its feet. It probably cannot now invest in a cloud offering.

Dropbox on the other hand is a new company and does not have the resources to build themselves an email service. Gmail’s allowing users to save attachments to Google Drive must be impacting Dropbox.

So it makes sense that Dropbox and Yahoo are working together being natural allies. But the problem of attracting new users in big numbers still continues for Yahoo. Dropbox too has a uphill battle against the likes of Google Drive and Microsoft’s SkyDrive.

(via Dropbox)


Hemant Jain April 3, 2013

unexpected but good news for yahoo users. their linkup will effect services of both of them ‘s popularity. thanks

Aditya Kane April 3, 2013

@Hemant: Yes, it is good news for Dropbox as a company as many new users will discover it via Yahoo. Users might be shortchanged though if Dropbox and Yahoo part ways in the future.

abahluqman April 5, 2013

congratulations, success for the development dropbox