Get traffic stats of any website with Chrome and Firefox

If you are using Chrome and interested in stats about the website you are viewing on the browser you will love this extension for Chrome. Its named SitezMeter and allows the user to easily look up details while on a website. About 3 months ago I did review Alexa toolbar for Firefox and started to search for something similar for Chrome. Here I came across SitezMeter extension for Chrome.

SitezMeter add-on can be really handy for SEO and SEM specialist along with being a must have for webmasters and website owners.


About SiteMeterz

  • SiteMeterz works with both Firefox and Chrome. It displays information you need in a pop up instead of providing you with links to some website.
  • The pop up includes an overview of stats of the website you are viewing with the browser.
  • I could see Google Page Rank, Alexa Ranking and Compete Rank.
  • I could also compare websites and their relevant stats within the extension or add-on.
  • There were some graphs to make the stats more interesting but I do not think they could be called a serious representation of data. It is more sensible to think of the graphs as representative of trends.

Go ahead and try out if you like looking up site traffic details and rankings. If you have Firefox click here for the add-on. If you have Chrome click here to install the extension.