Find the value of your Facebook page

As a blogger I feel Facebook pages are very important as it allows a blog to share links to its blogs and it is helpful to people who are basically using Facebook more than anything else.

So what is the value of your Facebook page? The answer is a little difficult to explain. Mainly every fan of your Facebook Page is a money maker. For a blog it might translate to consistent visits and hence adding up on adsense revenues. šŸ˜‰

It shows the the value of Fbknol’s Facebook page is about $2640 and that is if we calculate each fan worth $5.00. Ofcourse for a blog its difficult to earn $5 through every fan so we can actually increase of decrease the number. This will increase with lets say a Facebook page of a company offering paid services on the internet.

Try out Evaluator Virtue for looking up the value of your Facebook Page and get pointers on how to improve its end value.

Do you have a Facebook Page and do you think it is crucial for your business? Do let us know through your comments.