Firefox 3.6 makes an upgrade to ramp up its performance

Mozilla Firefox will be watched quite closely since now more than 1 in 4 people use the Firefox browser. The browser wars are back with Chrome browser leap frogging over Safari and is now the 3rd most used browser.

Firefox 3.6 beta version has had a new upgrade and I thought I would let your know what is new with this version. If you already have Firefox 3.6, the new upgrade will be done automatically from your browser. If you are using a version lower than Firefox 3.6 you might want to download it from their beta website.

Firefox 3.6 Beta upgrade

  • The new upgrade support HTML 5 File API. This means its possible for allowing user to select a local file using HTML. This means it can be done using HTML input element or using drag and drop.
  • Scripts will be run asynchronously which essentially makes the speed of the browser a lot faster. Even though I have not testing the browser for speed, but I did seem a marked difference in speed after I upgraded.
  • Firefox 3.6 will proactively alert you about out of date plugins.
  • It also promises better support for CSS, HTML5 and JavaScript.

I started using the upgraded browser and its been a few hours. I must say when opening multiple tabs I found it better than Chrome. I usually end up opening over 10 tabs. Also there has not been a single crash. 🙂

It is still early days but it’s definite that Firefox will keep eating into Internet Explorer’s market share right through December.

Let me know if you have more details and interesting facts about Firefox 3.6 through your comments.