Firefox: Orkut Toolbar for Firefox 2.0

After waiting for original Orkut Toolbar Developers to update this must have orkut extension I have tried to upgrade it for Firefox 2.0.+
I tested it somewhat before releasing it for download.
Please report any problem via comment as eagerly waiting for feedback!


If you feel that nothing happened when you click above refer to this post for help on installing firefox extension!

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saahil October 25, 2007


Rahul Bansal November 14, 2007

Thanks for ur comment! πŸ™‚

sidharth April 21, 2008

bro u rock!!!………….u r da best man!!!…….keep doing these stuffs……u r da real guru!!
heyy can u help……can u design a program whcih can easily make u win polls on orkut communites…..just like flooding scraps!!,,,,,u can design it …..m sure……u r god

Rahul Bansal April 24, 2008

Sorry buddy… I don’t have time to design such things and I personally find all flooders useless… πŸ™
Anyway if I just find something of your interest, I will post it on this blog… πŸ™‚

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sunil jangid May 16, 2008


I requesting all IT persons donot give site’s to user to open orkut,youtube etc.

Thanking you


Rahul Bansal May 17, 2008

If you are talking about proxies then sorry…
I personally believe in freedom of speech and I hate all kind of censorships.