Smarter Fox: Firefox add-on to speed up your browsing experience

Smarter Fox is a Firefox browser add-on which does exactly what it claims. It makes your browser a lot more smarter. It quickens up the browsing experience a lot but giving the user a host of options to search and lookup information.

Faster fox - browser faster on Firefox

Smarter Fox Features

  • Awesomebar: This is a enhanced version of Bookmarks. If you want to go to a particular page just press Ctrl + Spacebar. There is a screen that pops up with all the websites you can visit in a click of a button. To add your favorite website into the Awesomebar just drag and drop the link from the address bar. It will be added automatically. 😉
  • The pop up bubble is another great feature. Just highlight any text and bubble pops up with symbols of Google, Twitter, Wikipedia. Click on the symbol and a page opens after searching with the relevant service.

Example of Pop-up bubble using Fastest Fox.

Fastestfox popup

  • Finally just start typing in your address bar and search results are shown in the address bar drop down itself. No need for search engine page to load hence saving me time. 😉

Below is a video I made for you to demonstrate how you can use Smarter Fox addon and speed up Firefox usage. 😉

Try out Smarter Fox and let me know if you liked it through your comments. 🙂

Link: Download Smarter Fox


Ronny Jackson December 25, 2009

My browser of choice finished last, as always. Why don’t people like Opera? It’s the second fastest browser after chrome, way ahead of FF, IE and Safari, it has a ton of nice features like mouse gestures (okay, it can be done in FF as well with add-ons) and so on.
Still, any sign that people stop using the browser that must not be named makes me happy.

devilsworkshop_Guest December 8, 2012

i ‘v looking for something like Smarter Fox for Opera. If u find one. pls let me know.