Five ways to download any image from any website

Saving pics from websites and popular social networking sites is one of the most trending topics ofย  internet. Because to avoid misuse of their pics, website developers have started using new techniques so that no one can download their images. Frankly speaking, no one here is meant only for normal Internet users, not for techie geeks like us. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Check out some ways by which you can save any pic from any website on the net. All you need to do is follow step by step procedure given below and any one is definitely gonna work for you. These steps have been sorted from easiest way of saving a pic to that when no other option works.

1.The Save Image as… option:

This option is most commonly used when you are allowed to save the image from the website and there’s no such security level. All you need to do is right click on any image and click ‘Save image as…’ and save it wherever you want. Facebook can be considered as an example where you can easily save images from any album.

2. Drag and Drop:

If right clicking isn’t giving any response that means right click is disabled on that website. In such a case click the image you want to save and move the mouse cursor to address bar of your browser without leaving the click. This is commonly known as drag and drop. Orkut album pics(older version) can be saved by this method.

3. View Background image:

Some images in a website are stored as a ‘Background Image’. That means you can right click on them but there’s no option of saving it. But if you are using Firefox, it’s damn easy to save images like this. Right click on any image and click on ‘View Background Image’ . Now your browser will show only the background image as a normal pic. Right click on the image and click ‘save image as…’.

Using this way you can save twitter backgrounds and other images of a website such as header, footer image e.t.c.

4.View Page Source:

Page source of a webpage is the same page but in html coding form, and even a single thing on a webpage can be seen in html using page source. To view page source click Ctrl+U from your firefox browser. Now if a website neither allows you to right click on it nor you can drag and drop images, probably this option will help you. Open the page where the image is located and view it’s page source. For firefox to view page source either press Ctrl+U or go to View>>View Page Source. Now in the page source search for .jpg which is a most commonly used extension for images. You can also search for .gif or .png . Now copy the link of image with which .jpg is attached. For example,

Page Source

Taken from this page (indiatimes). Try saving image of google phone from the same page.You’ll see that first three steps aren’t working in this case. So view the page source and find link of google phone with .jpg link. The page source is generally full of links with .jpg extension, use your common sense in selecting link in that case i.e check the other words given in that link such as ‘google phone’ in above link. This method can be used for sites like but do not misuse the images with copyrights.

5. Print Screen:

Print screen option always works and you can save any image that you can see on your screen doesn’t matter how protected they are. To use print screen option, open any image on your computer and hit ‘Print Screen’ย  / ‘Prtsc’ button on your keyboard. Now go to your desktop, right click on it and create a new bitmap image. Edit bitmap image using MS paint and press Ctrl+V (shortcut for paste). Crop the image if needed. Use this method for any website. ๐Ÿ™‚


Abhishek Kumar March 7, 2010

Orkut (and most other websites that do so) disables right-click by Javascript. So if you want to save Orkut album pics, do the following
1) Disable Javascript and you’ll get right-click back
2) Right click on the image.
3) Click Save As
4) Enable Javascript back on

Sauravjit March 8, 2010

FYI, orkut albums are no longer protected, you can easily save pics from them ๐Ÿ™‚

Anup March 7, 2010

Ya this is a type of hack. I have see the bar color of facebook (blue color). I really liked it…We can also easily download by saving images…

sourishnath March 8, 2010

dude you didnt mention one more way , and it is the most and the only effective way a webmaster cannot hide his images to be downloaded . I’m not sure if disclosing this will be ethical , but still for the sake of knowledge.

In mozilla : Goto Tools > Page Info > Media

Scroll down and you will get your image .

specially effective when flickr doesnt allow you to saev images , as spaceball.gif

Sauravjit March 8, 2010

Bro these five steps are enough but the way you mentioned is really nice ๐Ÿ™‚

Sourish | How To Start A Blog March 8, 2010

There is no end to learning dude ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe there are even more ways to do that same thing , just keep the alternatives open.

happy blogging