5 Reasons Why a Blogger Should Subscribe to Other Blogs

Bloggers often forget to subscribe to their own feed and email updated. here are 5 reasons why any one should subscribe to their blog feed and email updates. If you have not subscribe to your Blog feeds, you should know this 5 reasons and subscribe to your blog updates now.

This is a guest post by Bert Padilla

When I do blog hopping, I usually subscribe to other blogs both via RSS or Email. Subscribing to other blogs is a good practice of being informed on what’s happening on the web. Here, I am going to explain on my own point of view why subscribing to blogs is essential for a blogger.

RSS and Email
Email and RSS Subscription
  1. Know the Latest – You are always receiving the latest updates on a particular niche. Thus, you always have something to share on your own blog based from what you’ve read.

  2. Remember the Blog – If you visit a particular blog and found something interesting, let’s say a well-written tutorial, you will definitely love visiting that blog again. If you don’t subscribe to RSS or Email, sometimes it will take time for you to find the blog especially if there are lot of competing blogs on a particular topic.

  3. Read Blog Posts Even the Website is down – There are some cases in which a website is down either by hosting company or just some technical errors. If you just bookmarked the website or blog, of course you can’t load the page. But if you subscribe to RSS, in most cases you can still read the feeds.

  4. Be the First to Comment – When a blog post is published, it will eventually be delivered via Email depending on scheduling; or your RSS reader is updated with the latest post. As a subscriber, you will also be the first commenter and is more visible to other audience.

  5. Inform the Author – Some bloggers usually don’t subscribe to their own RSS or Email. Thus, they missed checking if the RSS or Email delivery has technical problems or not. As a subscriber, you can easily spot it. You can notify then the author and be recognized.

There might be other reasons why you should really subscribe to other blogs. Meanwhile don’t forget to subscribe to devils’ Workshop RSS feeds. If you can add more, let’s talk it on the comment section.

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All Is Well March 7, 2010

Nice post. I do subscribe blogs to remb them.

zazo March 7, 2010

That’s really an informative post Bert 🙂

Akash | AM Blogger March 7, 2010

That’s a very nice post Bert. I knew about the first 2 points, but never thought about the rest of them. Thanx for the post. 🙂

Cebu Tech Blogger March 8, 2010

Actually, the last three tips are what most bloggers forget.

Anup March 7, 2010

Great reasons….I like your comment form. How do you create this form? Please can you give me a tutorial for it. I like this types of comment forms. Forms having rich text editing tools and many more…Is it possible in blogger or somewhere else?

Wordpress Tutorials March 8, 2010

Anup this is a custom WordPress theme and this form is created by our developer team. I will try to come up with a post for this form…

Anup March 8, 2010

Hey! Thanks for response. Try harder for it 😉 I will be waiting for your awesome post. I like this form.

S.Pradeep Kumar March 7, 2010

I keep a separate email address for subscribing..! 😀

Nice article mate..!

Wordpress Tutorials March 8, 2010

I use Feed-demon to subscribe to other blogs.. Though I’m not subscribe to 100+ blogs and its hard to keep a track of all the blogs.. So what I do is, simple created folders with name :
Very important
Official blog announcements
Read it later
and so on..
And I prioritize my reading time according to that…

Cebu Tech Blogger March 8, 2010

I have a suggestion… Why don’t you install the browser’s plugin which allow you to see what’s the latest on all feeds you subscribe? It works like a simple banner below the browser window. This plugin is available both for FF and Chrome… try to check that plugin, it’s great to use…

khalid March 8, 2010

Nice post buddy, I am also creating a separate email address for remembering subscription.

Anil Gupta March 21, 2010

By subscribing to other blogs in our niche, we remain informed about the kind of and the amount of content other blogs are putting on daily basis

NPXP March 26, 2010

It’s more or less like bookmarking 😉

Keeping an eye on others blog is very important as well.