FoxGuide: Get Photoshop like Guides inside your Firefox browser

I know it’s pretty uncomfortable going back to Photoshop repeatedly to use the ‘guide’ to see if you have alignments in place. And then thinks a developer who comes out with a Firefox add-on “FoxGuide”. But what to do if you need to use guides easily while looking at the preview of your design in Mozilla Firefox, FoxGuide comes to rescue.

FoxGuide displays horizontal and vertical lines on your web pages exactly like in Photoshop. You can move the lines and even remove them pretty easily just the way it is done in Photoshop. Hence FoxGuide let you organize different objects on your web page easily and give a  better feel.


DW foxguide1


Features at a glance

  • Guides for a particular page are restored automatically even after you close the tab / browser.
  • Transparency of the ruler and guide colour are adjustable.
  • The 10000 pixels long rulers make sure you don’t fall short of it.

DW foxguide2


Link: FoxGuide